02:00 AM

Your Story is Enough


Last weekend a woman asked me, “What if my life isn’t very interesting?” I had been thinking the same question a whole bunch lately – is my story enough? Her question prompted the answer I had been seeking for my own life. Yes, yes it is enough and your story is enough too.

My colleague and I are in the business of telling people’s stories. This work is rich and wonderful, but after hearing other’s people’s fabulous life stories and adventures I can’t help but ask myself if my life is full enough? Am I doing enough to make an interesting life for my progenitors to read? Am I too caught up in mundane activities?

The answer came to me all at once when prompted by this woman. I was presenting for the first time at a conference for the South Davis Genealogy Conference with my colleague, Rhonda Lauritzen, and she was speaking on the Art of Family Storytelling. One of the women had loved what she heard but was a little troubled at how to start her own life narrative. “I hear these stories of the struggles and hardships others have had and I just have not had that. I don’t know what I can write about.” As I went to speak to her I got the kind of goosebumps when you have a thought that is a real answer to your prayers. “Your story is enough,” I told her with complete clarity. “No matter what you write, your family is going to love you and love it. They want to know you. They want to know what is in your heart and in your thoughts,” I told her. Odd how in that moment, I was answering my own questions.

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