13:11 PM

Where Am I Saving My Digitized Family Photos?


 "Where are you saving your family tree, family photographs, stories, videos, artifacts, etc.?"

1) I have stored my digitized family "stuff" online in many places.  For my family tree information (names, relationships, dates, places, notes, sources, etc.), photographs and stories, I think the best, most long-lasting, place is the FamilySearch Family Tree. I have my family photographs on:* My Windows PC computer, in family file folders, with an external drive backup. * iDrive, which adds my new genealogy and photograph files every midnight hour, for a yearly fee. I can download them any time I need them.* Blogger, in thousands of Genea-Musings blog posts (541 in the "Wordless Wednesday" label). Will they disappear at some time? Perhaps.* Pinterest, in several Boards for specific family lines. Will they disappear at some time? Perhaps.* Flickr, in several albums for specific family lines. Will they disappear at some time? Probably.* Facebook, in several albums for specific topics. Will they disappear at some time? Probably.For each of these, the webinar attendees suggested adding a family member to my account so that the account can be accessed after I pass away.

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2) Adding family tree data, family photos and stories to the FamilySearch Family Tree is more difficult than uploading a batch of photos to a photo sharing site or a blog. 

3) Why do I think this is the best place for me to upload my family tree data, family photographs, stories, etc.?

4) I encourage my readers to consider where they have stored their family photographs, to digitize their family photographs, and to save them somewhere online.