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Unique Time Capsule Ideas That the Future You Will Appreciate


A time capsule is a container full of memorabilia from a certain time that is meant to be opened later. Creating a time capsule is not only a creative and thoughtful way to pass the time, but future recipients of the time capsule—including the future you—will be grateful for the glimpse into a different time.

 The following time capsule ideas are not only fun and hassle free, but they can be accessed quickly and preserved forever digitally (as well as printed and preserved in your home if you prefer).

Create a Playlist of Songs

 According to experts, music can cue memories, making it a perfect time capsule for our experiences.

Save Your Favorite Online Messages

It’s not uncommon to save old birthday cards and letters, but what about the online communication between family and friends? Some of the most heartfelt interactions—and funniest exchanges—can happen over text or instant messaging.

Capture the Latest Fashions

Crack out your camera and favorite outfits and start snapping photos! 

Discover Your Already-Made Time Capsule

Did you know there’s already a time capsule out there made just for you?