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Unique Irish Names You’ve Never Heard


Do you have ancestors from Ireland? If so, the Irish language, and therefore Irish names, may be a part of your heritage.

Irish names vary from the exotic to the surprisingly commonplace. Many names that originated in Ireland have also become a part of the cultures that Irish immigrants have joined. Names common in many English-speaking countries can be traced to Ireland; some even alternative or traditional spellings

Irish Surnames

You may have noticed that some Irish names are also part of common Irish surnames. The “O” found in some Irish surnames simply translates to “of.” So the surname O’Brian means descendant) of Brian. This form is similar to many naming traditions in other countries, such as English surnames like Johnson, or the son of John, and Swedish surnames like Johansdotter, or daughter of Johan.

Even if you aren’t Irish, you may find Irish names in your family tree. Search your tree, and discover more about your own family’s history!