10:56 AM

The Toxteth poet whose search for roots led to a remarkable discovery about Liverpool's history


When Liverpool poet Malik Al Nasir came across a photograph of a Victorian footballer 16 years ago, he was amazed to discover a close resemblance so uncanny it stirred his curiosity to find out more.

This started Malik on a journey into his own ancestry, a journey which led to the discovery of astonishing links between his family, the history of Liverpool itself and the central role the city played in the international slave trade.

From Malik's traumatic early years, his experiences touring with Gil Scott-Heron and now his historical studies, the remarkable tale of Malik Al Nasir and his ancestors could be described as holding a central role in the story of the development of Liverpool itself and the source of its historic wealth and influence, a legacy which still leaves its mark through the city to this day.