15:46 PM

The Power of Helping Your Children Remember Who They Are


“Remember who you are.” It’s a simple phrase, but one with deep meaning. I have said it many times as my children have walked out the door – off to school, out with friends or on a date. But in this instance, let’s add one more line – “Remember who you are…and where you came from.” Remembering is powerful.

But now, helping youth remember is more. It is vital. Youth are getting sucked into a cycle of instant gratification and messages of, “you’re not enough” every time they log onto social media. How can we help? We can tell them to remember who they are. Reminding them of their past is a sure-fire way for them to overcome the hardships life throws at them. Why? Because their ancestors did. I realize it’s not the cure-all for happiness, but it’s a meaningful step in the right direction.

There are the whys of remembering and the hows to get it done.

In this age of instant gratification, kids get bored easily. It’s easy to slap a screen in their hands to keep them occupied, but as parents and grandparents, we can give them more. Maybe a screen with some family history attached or a creative project that brings family stories to life. 

So why remember? Here are four perfect reasons: