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Take a Virtual Tour of the Mayflower


A critical delay, cramped quarters, stormy seas, and an arrival 500 miles off course—such were the twists and turns that defined the Mayflower ship’s voyage to America in 1620.

Despite its less-than-perfect journey, the Mayflower is historically significant in part because of the voyage’s unexpected setbacks. The passengers’ response and resiliency to each obstacle left an indelible mark on American history.

The Mayflower ship left England in September 1620, nearly a month after its original departure date. The delay meant that the Mayflower, with its 102 passengers and 30 crewmen, would cross the Atlantic at the height of the storm season. Though the passengers were often cramped, soaking, and sick during these bouts of bad weather, they kept up their morale by singing, praying, and playing games—even in the dim light below deck.

Despite rough seas and cramped conditions, only one passenger, William Butten, died at sea before reaching America. Two babies were born aboard the Mayflower—one before landing at Cape Cod and the other while docked at Cape Cod.

Virtually explore the interior of the Mayflower and learn more about tlife on the merchant ship!