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Stunning Old-Fashioned Names for Boys and Girls


There is a certain charm to vintage or old-fashioned names. A meaningful name can remind children of their deeper identity. It can remind them of their place in their family (such as patronymics) and of honorable values.

To help you in your search, we have gathered thirty old-fashioned names from a variety of different cultures. Each has a unique meaning that can serve as a guide to your children and can also provide insight into the names of family members that came before you. 

Historically, old-fashioned boy names were symbols of strength. After all, in most cases it was the young men who would become leaders, provide for the family, or march off to battle.

Old-fashioned girl names also carry a sense of strength. They spell out themes such as light, influence, and wisdom. They were—and still are—a vital force in our families and communities.