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Seven fascinating facts about DNA: family history and DNA


Find out how DNA could enhance your family history research, with Abby Drexler's seven fascinating DNA facts.

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is your body’s blueprint. All living creatures possess DNA; the self-replicating material that makes up chromosomes and carries every last bit of our genetic present and past. Your DNA is the "Story of You" AND all of your ancestors; a story that is exclusive to you.

What can a DNA test tell you about your family's story?DNA testing can lay your genetic story out to be read and understood, allowing you to take in the bigger picture of your ancestral heritage. Information which once taken in can illuminate family trees for anyone looking to shore up old family disputes; data which is capable of clearing the name of an innocent man or woman who could otherwise serve a life sentence for a crime he or she never committed.DNA testing can bring your life new and unexpected meaning. It's simple, safe and non-invasive, and modern labs can retrieve complete ancestral blueprints from your:

*Hair*Saliva*Blood*Semen*Skin Cells*Fingerprints

You can use the results of your genetic testing to complete your family tree or to plan out an international trip to explore all the places your ancestors once lived.

Here are the 7 need-to-know facts: