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Searching for my Adopted Grandmother's Birth Parents

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“Your mother was adopted.” That’s what my grandfather told my father on the night of his mother’s passing. This kind, wonderful woman grew up too ashamed to tell anyone her big secret, not even her 7 children. It’s heartbreaking and I can’t imagine what was running thru my father’s head at that exact moment when his dad drops the bomb. Here he is, dealing with the death of his mother Helen at the age of 74 from Breast Cancer, and now he has to process the fact that her parents were not her parents. Or were they..........

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Mary Davidson
My grandmother was adopted and I'm trying to find her birth certificate or record to find her biological parents. I'm putting together my family tree and that is a missing piece. I know where she was born and the parents who adopted her.
Kelsey Peters Mathew
My great, great grandma (born Effie Dale in Buffalo, Wyoming) was given up after her dad was shot and killed. Her mother had two other daughters that were older than my g.g. grandmother. Her mother gave her to a family and they renamed her "Josephine Fay" She would go by Fay for the rest of her life. It wasn't an official adoption as far as I know so I do not believe there to be records anywhere. The couple that took her in were Samuel Strickler (he never spoke about his parents/heritage) and Margaret Sutherland (born in Scotland). I have no idea how to find any information on my biological great, great, great grandparents. I would like to trace my family tree as far back as possible, but it stops abruptly there. Is there anything I can do?
Susan Hart
My dad's mother, Alice E. (O'Connor) Hart, was born on 8-13-1892 in Essex County. She was adopted by John and Alice O'Connor of Port Henry, NY. She married John Patrick Hart. She died on 3-31-1954 and is buried in Whitehall, NY. I would love to find out who her birth parents were.
Grace Elizabeth Martin
My Grandmother Grace Elizabeth Martin was adopted by Eliza Leek and John Martin in Provo in 1910. We have no DNA evidence to suggest she came from that family and have never seen her birth certificate after searching San Pete, Utah, and Salt Lake County birth records from July-October 1910.
Marleen Gibson
My mother was adopted in 1945 and I have the adoption papers but my grandmother was only listed as Alice Douglas. My mother was born on the 7th January 1945 in Umkomaas KZN RSA. Her name was registered as Elizabeth Patricia Douglas. My grandmother changed her name to Patricia Elizabeth Harwood. I was told my biological grandmother was a Swan in the British Navy. My mom passed away from MS and I am trying to trace the biological family to do research and find the family I never knew.
Can anyone assist me or help me get started.