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Saying Sorry with Dumplings



This past weekend, Grandma Anderson’s Danish Dumplings brought my brother Val, his family, and mine together after too many years. We used to work with each other, and we were close growing up. Then we weren’t. I made mistakes, caused some deep hurts, and I never really said the words I’m sorry. I’m saying it now, and on Saturday I put dumplings where the words should have been a long time ago.

We opened up to each other earlier in the week, which led to us making and sharing dumplings with our kids in my home. Chicken soup with dumplings is is the most enduring and beloved recipe in my family, and what we most looked forward to at Grandma’s house. She made them every time we went for Sunday dinner and we would have been crestfallen otherwise. It occurs to me that there is beauty in traditions that repeat again and again. These unique patterns become glue to bond family culture.