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Places to Go in Japan: Japanese Heritage Sites


The islands of Japan are places of diverse beauty, from stunning mountain peaks and lush green forests to long miles of seashore.There are many places to go in Japan to appreciate its history and cultural heritage. These places tell the stories of the people who have lived here for centuries.

Sankeien Gardens in Yokohama, Japan—The garden was built by a wealthy silk merchant on Negishi Bay, south of Tokyo, and it opened to the public more than 100 years ago. Lush foliage and seasonal blooms enhance the sense of tranquility that is part of traditional Japanese gardens.Several tea houses celebrate the ritual of the Japanese tea ceremony. On a hilltop perches a three-story, 15th-century pagoda from the old Tomyoji Temple in Kyoto.

Tomioka Silk Mill—Japan’s first modern silk mill opened in 1872 as a model factory meant to help Japanese industry compete internationally.Ainu Heritage—Travelers to the island of Hokkaido in northern Japan can experience the rugged homeland of the indigenous

Ainu people and learn their stories. The origins of the Ainu are deep and obscure. They speak a language distinct from all others. For hundreds if not thousands of years, they have fished and traded in this remote, mountainous area, especially along the Ishikari River.