14:54 PM

Ring In the New Year with a Time Capsule to Tell Your Story


Currently tucked away somewhere in the recesses of my childhood home’s storage room sits a metal paint can. It is sealed shut and covered in decorative spirals made of squishy paint and instructions to open after a decade—or once I got married. (Clearly, I had high hopes.) 

Even just thinking about the time capsule, I’m transported to a specific moment in my own personal history. Looking back helps me make sense of my present and see the progress I have made, and it reminds me of where I want to go. The beginnings of my current journey, part of my story, is preserved in a paint can somewhere in a closet.

There are many ways to preserve our stories. Mankind has left messages for the future for thousands of years. Even the Epic of Gilgamesh starts out with instructions to find a box containing artifacts.

So, what makes for a good time capsule?

First off, you need to choose your container and where you are going to keep your time capsule.

Then, decide who the time capsule is for. Is it for you in 10 years? Is it for the inhabitants of the future 500 years from now? (In that case, make sure you research how to preserve what you put in the capsule.)