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Liz Wiseman on Rocking Life like a Rookie



Rookie Smarts: “Is it possible we are at our very best, when we know the very least? When we are rookies?” Liz Wiseman posed this question in her keynote address this morning. Her entire talk lit me up.

I have some personal experience being a rookie of late, after a big career shift from higher education to starting Evalogue.Life and telling people’s stories. After so many years of hard work, my day job finally got more comfortable, so I felt guilty giving it up for the thrill of building something that ignites my spirit in new ways. I felt self-conscious, as though craving a fresh challenge somehow makes me flaky or ungrateful. My job had been a blessing and a joy, so what was wrong with me? Am I one of those people who is never satisfied?

Wiseman answered that nagging thought...