13:02 PM

Jill Ball: Family History Blogger Downunder


Australian genealogist Jill Ball emanates excitement for anything family and family history oriented. She blogs about family history and spearheads several online and local genealogy-related groups for Australians. She’s also a very staunch RootsTech ambassador, spreading the good word about the event and online resources within her sphere of influence Downunder. Her life and work have been filled with Australian history and genealogical tools that she continues to share with others with her signature cheerful and gregarious demeanor.

When Jill retired in 2008, she suddenly had more time on her hands. She began using one of her favorite work-related skills—blogging—to start a new blog about her growing passion for family history: geniaus.blogspot.com. Her family history appetite and involvement grew from there. 

Jill fills her home with family photos and artifacts. She lets her grandchildren enter records in her family tree. She has them enter their own yearly school records or ancestors’ records. She posts interesting spotlights on ancestors to Facebook to spark an interest in her children, cousins, and grandchildren. This organic approach can be more effective than a formal tactic. As Jill puts it, “Take it upon yourself to create an environment where genealogy and family history will be a process of osmosis, without them even knowing it, for children to get involved.”