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Irish Legends You’ve Never Heard


The Irish are a Celtic people with a rich history of legends and mythology. Leprechauns, fairies, pots of gold, and rainbows are just a few of the iconic symbols of the Emerald Isle.

Fairies have a long history in the stories of Ireland. The stories vary, but a favorite is that the fairies were believed to be the Tuatha de Danann, a tribe of people who were the first inhabitants of Ireland. They were said to be magical and secretive.

Leprechauns, or “Leath bhrogan,” are a popular cultural icon of Ireland. These little tricksters were said to live in Ireland long before humans and are part of the fairy family.  Irish mythology says that every leprechaun has a pot of gold coins.

You might associate the four-leaf clover with the Irish holiday of St. Patrick’s Day, but it is actually the three-leaf clover that symbolizes the day. The three-leaf clover, called a shamrock, has its origin in the Irish legend of the spread of Christianity.