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Identifying Your Mexican Immigrant Ancestor’s Hometown


This post is part 2 in a new series on Mexican Catholic Church and Civil Registration records. If you missed Part 1, go to “The Two Main “Go-To” Record Types for Researching Mexican Genealogy“).

Before you begin digging into Mexican records, you need to first identify your ancestor’s hometown in Mexico. The reason for this is twofold: it narrows down the geographic scope of your search, and it helps you identify the right collections to use.

When I first started researching my father’s paternal Mexican line, nobody in our very large branch of the family knew where specifically in Mexico the family came from. We only knew a state name…San Luis Potosí. That did not make my search for their Mexican roots an easy one. Even with so many of these collections now digitized and indexed online, it can be very difficult to locate your ancestors in a search if you do not have something more to go on than the state name, such as the city, town, or village in which that ancestor lived.

This post will walk you through some of the U.S. records that researchers often use to try to locate their ancestor’s hometown in Mexico, and explain a bit about how to mine through those records for clues.

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