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How to Participate in the 2017 Worldwide Indexing Event


If you’ve never indexed before, now is the perfect time to start. Indexing is a fun, engaging, and easy way to make records of loved ones available online through FamilySearch. People can then access the indexed records to find their ancestors and establish a family connection.

To index, you’ll view online images of historic records and type out the information found on the document. This makes records easily searchable and ready to be published online. All you need to begin indexing is a FamilySearch.org account and access to the internet.

Worldwide Indexing Event 2017

One fun way to get others involved is through the annual worldwide indexing event on October 20–22, 2017. For more information on the event, click here

Invite friends, family, and neighbors to participate! The more people that know about the event, the more indexers will participate and the more records will be indexed!

This could be a fun way to connect long-distance family members in a combined goal, to strengthen relationships with neighbors, or to unite the ward in a single effort. Everyone is invited to participate, and the strength of a community will only help!