07:23 AM

How to Keep Loved Ones’ Memories Alive for Your Kids


The day my father died started like any other — daycare drop-off, drive to Starbucks, head into work. I had no idea my world was about to change forever. As a mother, losing him feels magnified because it means my young kids are losing out on knowing their grandfather.

I struggle with how to maintain and make new memories for my kids that transcend his absence. It’s not only my dad’s memory I want to keep alive either. Both my daughters have names honoring my grandmothers, and I want them to know about them too. To me, there’s a little magic in trying to know the people who came before us. To think about how their past led to our present and how the path of our lives will lead someday to someone else’s future.

Maybe, subconsciously, my drive to keep family history alive is a wishful hope for the preservation of my own memory after I’m gone. Whatever the motivation, I want to instill this interest in my kids too. So, how do I teach them about their own family history? Here is how I’ve started.