02:00 AM

How my grandparents instilled a love for Memorial Day – and you can too!


Ever wonder how to interest young people in family history? Worried that your efforts will never stick? I share this story to offer hope that consistent traditions leave a lasting impact on younger generations, even if kids might seem bored at the time.

I learned to love Memorial Day from my grandparents. And not for the reasons you might think. It’s not the weekend vacations, long boat rides or barbecues (well maybe the barbecues.) It’s one other big standout – the cemeteries. It’s not only the cemeteries – it’s the cemeteries with my husband, parents and my kids all in tow and the stories that have been born there. There’s nothing I love better than filling the back of my van full of fresh-cut flowers from my yard, mason jars filled with water and scissors to trim to the stems once I’m there. Priceless stories come from those visits. I thank my grandparents for all of this.

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