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How Good is the FamilySearch Family Tree as a Genealogy Program?


I have used a number of different local computer-based genealogy programs over the years and moved my accumulated data quite a few times from an older program to a newer program I thought more useful. At one point in time, I had five or six different local programs as opposed to internet-based programs running on my computer, all with my entire database. I could see advantages in each one. During this same period, I was struggling with online programs such as new.FamilySearch.org and Ancestry.com's family tree program.Over the years, the number of viable local, desktop genealogy programs began to decrease. I always had one issue due to the fact that I used Apple Macintosh computers as my primary system and few or the desktop programs had Mac versions. I finally abandoned PCs for genealogy altogether which forced me to rely even more on online programs. By the time the desktop program developers came out with Mac versions of their programs, I had pretty much transferred all my data and my attention to online programs including all four of the large online database and family tree websites: FamilySearch.org, MyHeritage.com, Ancestry.com, and Findmypast.com.