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History of the Armenian Diaspora


The term “Armenian diaspora” refers to the spread of Armenian people to different countries. Many of the largest communities of Armenians outside Armenia have populations ranging well into the hundreds of thousands. Armenian communities are prevalent in Russia, in the Krasnodar and Stravpol regions as well as in Moscow. You can also find these communities in cities all around Europe and the United States, including Los Angeles, Paris, and New York. Los Angeles even has a neighborhood named “Little Armenia.” These Armenian communities come in different shapes and sizes, but many work to maintain unique Armenian traditions and culture.

Throughout history, political and social climates have accelerated the spread of Armenian people throughout the world, making the movement more apparent. The most pronounced Armenian diaspora took place between 1914 and 1923, when discord within the Ottoman Empire (modern-day Turkey) caused mass deaths and migration.

However, the Armenian Diaspora began in ancient times.