08:21 AM

HERITAGE TOURISM: Using Travel to Discover Your Family Roots


Heritage tourism is traveling to a destination to learn about its cultural heritage. This could be learning through historical resources such as records and personal stories, and cultural resources such as architecture and landscapes. Families are turning to this type of genealogy travel to learn about their past and feel more connected to their heritage.

Thankfully, today we can find most of the genealogy records we need online. Before you begin, have conversations with parents and relatives to get names, birthdates, and any information they might have. Create a family tree on paper with everything you discover. This is going to make your ancestry travel journey much easier. 

Genealogy websites are a great starting point for researching your ancestors, providing a lot of information, even the names of distant relatives. Many sites have a way to contact them. Why not send an email or set up a phone call? These relatives might have new information to help in planning your heritage trip.

Ask around for family photos and/or Bible, as those can be quite helpful. See if there are relatives who might have already completed some genealogy research, or maybe there are family letters or hidden boxes in someone’s attic. Anything you find might be helpful in planning your ancestry trip.

Once you’ve gathered all of your research, start making a plan about the places you want to see and things you want to do.