08:06 AM

Giving Back to Your Community through Family History


As family historians, much of our work is to record the history of our families and try to tell the stories of our ancestors. But much of the information we use originates as a result of work by others. Those people, the ones who do indexing, record burial places, and provide access to the various records that we use, are the angels that we don’t always recognize. There are many ways that we can give back to our community through participating in the preservation of information and making it available to others.

Some of the easiest projects to find are indexing or transcription of records. Here are just a few examples:

FamilySearch Indexing is the standard for indexing records. FamilySearch has a wide variety of records available for indexing in many different languages. They really need your help if you are able to read other languages. Zooniverse is a crowd sourcing platform where organizations and researchers can place their projects for citizen volunteers to participate in. There are also projects that individuals are working on to make more records available. The Family Bible Preservation Project is one such project.