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Free Cloud Storage on FamilySearch.org for Saving Your Most Important Family Photographs


By using FamilySearch Memories, you can safeguard your most prized photographs for free!

You read that right. If you have an account with FamilySearch (which is free to everyone and always will be), you have access to free cloud storage for your most cherished family photographs, historical records, and other heirloom family documents. This isn’t the place to keep ALL your photos (such as the ones your kids take when they steal your phone and get 53 pictures of their stuffed animals); we want you to store only your best and most impactful memories.

How to Use FamilySearch’s Free Cloud Storage

With FamilySearch’s free cloud storage, it’s possible to upload photos from your device or take them with your phone. Both methods take only a few seconds. You might be surprised how easy it is to start building your family history. You can also upload a photograph to the free cloud storage that is saved to your laptop or PC.

One by one, these pictures add up. Your family history begins to take shape. Where once you thought you would never have time to create a meaningful, comprehensive family history, now you have entire albums cataloging your family’s adventures—as well as the assurance that what you’ve created will be preserved for many, many future generations to enjoy.

This is what FamilySearch’s free cloud storage is all about. We hope you’ll take advantage of it.