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Finding Your Immigrant Ancestors with FamilySearch



The history of many countries—including the United States and Canada—is filled with stories of immigrants, which, for many of us, means that our individual family histories are also filled with them. Your immigrant ancestors might have come from Italy a couple of generations ago or from England a few centuries ago—or you might even have both of those varieties of immigrants on your family tree. While the specifics of our immigrant ancestors may look different, the existence of immigrant branches on our family trees is something most of us have in common.

The other thing many of us have in common is that we find tracing these immigrant ancestors tricky or even frustrating. There’s just something about crossing the big, wide ocean that makes their trail grow a little fainter, a little harder to follow. But the good news is FamilySearch.org is packed full of records and resources that make locating those elusive immigrant ancestors much more manageable. Here’s a look at a few of these resources.

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