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15:32 PM

Finding Your Ancestors on Facebook

by Leslie Albrecht Huber

You already know that Facebook is a great place to share news and photos and to connect with old friends. But did you know that Facebook can also be a great place to connect with your ancestors—or at least to find the answers you need to connect your ancestors to your family tree? With FamilySearch’s Facebook groups, you can interact with other people tracing their families who lived in the same areas as your family and perhaps even break through your brick wall or help others break through theirs.

FamilySearch’s overview page, called “Genealogy Help on Facebook” is a great starting point. Mostly organized by location, it contains links to a variety of Facebook groups covering everything from Iowa to Thailand to genetics. Some groups included on the site are run through FamilySearch and some aren’t, but all offer opportunities to expand your genealogy knowledge—and success!


Leslie Albrecht Huber is an award-winning freelance writer, speaker, and author of the blog Understanding Your Ancestors. Leslie lives with her husband and four children in western Massachusetts. When she’s not typing at her computer or trying to decipher the handwriting in old documents, she loves reading tour books, studying maps, and planning her next journey.