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Finding Elusive Records on FamilySearch


If a basic search on FamilySearch.org is the only approach you use to find your ancestors, you might be missing out on a lot of potential discoveries. The records you can find by performing basic searches represent only a small portion of what’s available on FamilySearch.

In fact, 77 percent of the free historical records on FamilySearch.org can’t be found by searching. That’s a lot of information about your family just waiting to be discovered! In order to tap into these hard-to-find records, you’ll need to know how to use resources like unindexed image collections and the FamilySearch catalog, as well as some more advanced search features.

A new video presentation is available from Robert Kehrer, senior product manager for FamilySearch’s search and hinting technologies. This tutorial will walk you step-by-step through the process of locating elusive records in your family history research.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for using FamilySearch’s basic search tool, don’t give up. There are many other ways for you to access information about your family that you may not have known before.