08:18 AM

Do You Have a Look-alike? Find Your Doppelgänger


Have you ever scrolled through those celebrity look-alike articles and wondered, “Who out there looks just like me?” Or maybe you’ve done a double-take when you did see someone who looked just like you—and you wondered, how could that be possible?

We often call these “look-alikes” doppelgängers, a German term that means “double-walker.” 

You probably have someone out there who looks eerily similar to you, and that person is probably closer than you think! In fact, because of your shared genetics, you are more likely to look like distant cousins and ancestors than a total stranger. The question then is, who do you look most like?

There’s a way to find out quickly! If you’ve ever wondered if you look more like Mom or Great-grandpa, FamilySearch’s Compare-a-Face can tell you.