11:15 AM

FamilySearch Wiki Applauded in The New York Times

Leading genealogist Elizabeth Shown Mills recently applauded FamilySearch Wiki guides in The New York Times as "excellent places to start" your family history research. Mills writes the popular "Advice on How to Research Your Family History" column. Whether an ancestor lived in the United States or in other countries around the world, she recommends checking FamilySearch's research guides first to learn what records may exist about your ancestors.

Read more in part 4.

Her column has covered many topics that will interest our readers:

  1. Part 1 (6 Nov 2013) Getting started in finding your ancestors, genetic research, slave research, adoption research, cautions for using online 'trees,' and preserving family history on subscription websites
  2. Part 2 (13 Nov 2013) Holocaust Jewish research, Argentina, ancestral photos, proper source documentation, genealogy numbering systems, railroad ancestors, American Indian research, and tips for becoming a professional genealogist
  3. Part 3 (20 Nov 2013) Slave research in the United States and Jamaica, New York City and New Jersey research, passenger immigration lists and Ellis Island
  4. Part 4 (27 Nov 2013) Families on the American frontier, identifying an immigrant's place of origin, and the purposes of doing genealogy

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