09:33 AM

FamilySearch Updates Its Genealogies Search Page


For 125 years, the Genealogy Society of Utah and its successor, FamilySearch International, have collected genealogies submitted through earlier research programs. FamilySearch’s Genealogies is a searchable collection of completed family trees from various sources. These collections are held separately from the FamilySearch Family Tree and may hold valuable clues for current research.

Search options, the landing page and results pages have been updated to make them more efficient and intuitive. Rather than allowing for only a single, primary search name, it is now possible to search for alternate names a person may have used. For example, a woman’s name could be searched using her maiden and married names simultaneously.

“Exact Search” check boxes no longer appear automatically by search fields. “Exact” searches limit the results to details that match input precisely—excluding records with spelling variations, indexing errors, or even minor difference in dates, often causing users to miss useful records. However, exact searches can help narrow search results in some situations.