12:15 PM

FamilySearch Genealogies Now Look Like Genealogies!

FamilySearch keeps getting better. The Genealogies pages have a new look! This is where I go to see what others have already submitted about my ancestors. These genealogies have helped extend my research and have helped me find clues to fix errors. Now it is so much easier to see all the family connections. Take a look!


Here’s the old look:








Here is the new look:






  • You can click more to learn more about the individual.
  • You can click another individual, to move them to the primary position on the page.
  • You can click any arrows to the right to extend the pedigree.

Here’s how you get there:

  1. On the FamilySearch home page, click Genealogies (near the top of the page).
  2. Now, enter an ancestor’s name (and an event or a spouse or parents), and click Search.
  3. Now, click on a record and see what you can find!

Now, go try it out. See what others have posted about your ancestors!