14:44 PM

Family.me Creates an Interactive Family Tree with Living Relatives


I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I’m grateful to see what’s going on with family and friends, but I could do without public posts, personal rants, and self-serving selfies. This is why I am excited that Family.me, a new app that has partnered with FamilySearch, has created a private social network specifically for families. While it is not a messaging center, you can connect with your family’s photos and get to know living relatives and your ancestors at the same time.

Family.me is available on both desktop and mobile devices and allows me to automatically load my existing FamilySearch family tree onto the site. Next, I add information about living relatives. Once I invite family members to join my tree, they can add their own up-to-date photos. I can also tag photos with labels for different events or categories and add comments.

As soon as I registered, I was directed to download my family tree from FamilySearch. (See this tutorial for help connecting Family.me with your FamilySearch tree). It didn’t take long before my tree was in place and I could start building the tree by adding living relatives.