07:20 AM

Family History Is at the Heart of Pixar’s Coco


Pixar and family history? You might not see the connection right away, but check out the new movie, Coco, and it’ll make perfect sense.

Coco tells the story of Miguel, a young boy whose desire to discover and follow his great-great-grandfather’s legacy takes him on a colorful journey through the Land of the Dead. In this vibrant world, he meets many members of his family tree who long to return to the world of the living on Día de Muertos (or Day of the Dead) to visit the loved ones they left behind. But here’s the catch—they can only do that if one of their living relatives still remembers them.

Just like Miguel’s ancestors, our own family members are counting on us to keep their memories alive. Preserving and sharing their pictures and stories can create a real-life bridge between us in the land of the living and our loved ones who have passed on. These memories enrich our family history, building a connection that goes beyond just a basic knowledge of dates and places. 

Just saw Coco and want to know what you can do next to connect with your own family story? Try these three simple steps: