07:10 AM

Family History Can Be a Whale of a Tale—Just Ask Genealogist David Allen Lambert


When renowned genealogist David Allen Lambert was a child, his grandmother gave him a gift that kept on giving—tales about his ancestors. Stories about his great-grandfather, who had been a whaler, hooked him in particular. David felt like a genealogist-in-the-making as soon as he was introduced to his family tree.

David was 11 years old when he began seriously looking into his own family genealogy. He joined the Stoughton Historical Society, a local history and genealogy organization, and he was named assistant curator and vice president just 4 years later at age 15.

David co-hosts Extreme Genes: America’s Family History Radio Show and is also co-host of the podcast Virtual Historians, which deals with history, technology, and virtual reality. He is the chief genealogist for American Ancestors of the New England Historical Genealogical Society (NEHGS). 

David says the strong connections between the NEHGS and the FamilySearch community include shared databases that bring billions of items of information within reach of even novice researchers.

“Everyone has a story, and genealogy is like a 1,000-piece puzzle that you keep adding to bit by bit. [Those stories] are what keep our ancestors in our lives."