09:16 AM

Family Food Story


FamilySearch.org recently introduced a new section on their website to help you preserve your special family memories: Recipes! I am so excited about this new feature because I love food and food traditions, and this resource has given me a little push to work on my family cookbook.

Another great way to get excited about preserving your family food traditions is to write them down and record all the details and memories associated with that food. This little booklet was handed out during Family Discovery Day at RootsTech 2017. I created it specifically for children and teens, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed filling it in myself. There are pages for you to write down some of your family’s favorite foods, traditions, and recipes. You can even add photos, drawings, or handwritten notes from other family members to record every aspect of your memories about the food that brings you and your loved ones together.

Record family recipes and the memories that go with.

Taking the time to record this information caused me to reflect on some of my family’s food traditions and what I want to pass on to my children. It gave me an opportunity to search through our photos and jot down some stories I want to share, and that was only about our tortillas. There are so many memories involved with this one simple food! I can’t wait to explore some of our other wonderful family favorites.

Read Allison’s full post here, or click here to download the My Family Food Story booklet as a PDF.