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Facts about Black History


Celebrate Black History Month with these lesser-known facts about the contributions to world history of Africans and people of African descent.

When some people think of black history, they often think of civil rights and the challenges of combating the consequences and legacy of slavery. These are part of the global African experience, but there is so much more. For thousands of years, people of African descent have been making history—both within Africa and far beyond its shores. Black history is world history.

African World Heritage Day (May 5), proclaimed by UNESCO, is a global invitation for Africa and the world to commemorate the continent’s unique heritage. Many countries also observe an annual black history month to celebrate the contributions of people of African descent. In the United States and Canada, Black History Month takes place during February; in the European Union and the United Kingdom, people observe Black History Month during October. 

Wherever you may celebrate black history, explore the following list of black history facts that touch on some of the many notable accomplishments that can help you recognize and commemorate the enduring global legacy of Africans and those of African descent.