15:02 PM

Episode 219 – Chief Genealogical Officer For FamilySearch.org On What’s Next in 2018 Janet Hovorka On Inventorying Family History Assets

Fisher visits with David Rencher, the CGO (that’s Chief Genealogical Officer? honest!) of FamilySearch.org. David fills you in on what’s to come in 2018 at FamilySearch, new records that may soon be on line, and why you are required to log in now when you go to FamilySearch, even though it is and always will be a free site. David also brings us up to speed on what’s happening with the tricky merging feature.

Then, Janet Hovorka from FamilyChartMasters.com talks about why you should consider inventorying your family history “assets.” What qualifies? Why do this? Janet explains.

Then, Tom Perry, the Preservation Authority, is back for his final appearance of 2017, sharing the ins and outs of moving material from your iPhone to the cloud, and vice versa. (It’s not as tricky as you think!)

That’s all this week on Extreme Genes, America’s Family History Show.

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