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Don't Toss Old Photos


Problem: A Box of Photos With No Names or Dates

You think you'll always remember the people in the photograph and the event. Unfortunately, once 30 or 40 years goes by, the memory may not be as clear, or—worst-case-scenario—you might die. If no one knows who the people in the photo are, it becomes fairly meaningless.

All too often, the descendants just toss out those pictures that are unlabeled. That's really sad to see family history dumped in the trash. Don't let that happen in your family. Label your own photos.

Now, if these are inherited photos and not labeled, you have a bit of work ahead. Whatever you do, don't toss those photos.

Time to Identify Your Photos

A Friend Says She Is Dumping Her Family Photos

It appalled me to hear a friend say casually that she was going to toss the unnamed photos she inherited. I turned to a photo identification group that I joined on Facebook and asked them for advice.

A photo expert suggested these steps:

I hope that she has contacted everyone in her family to see if they are interested in owning them. I was able to identify many family photos when I connected with a cousin who had photos with the same people in them.

I found copies of some of the other photos on Ancestry and was able to identify them from there.

Contact the genealogical and historical societies in your area and see if they may be interested. Your friend should be able to give some surnames that may be connected to the photos.