10:54 AM

Don’t Label Me—But Do Label Your Ancestors


FamilySearch Family Tree is seriously huge. With over a billion unique names, it is the largest family tree in the world.

Navigating such a large tree to connect with your ancestors can be tricky. We recently added a new feature called “Labels” that will, as it continues to develop, provide a new way to place your ancestors in better context.

You’ve used labels on other sites and in apps to easily organize and view similar types of things. You can now add labels to your ancestor’s listing in Family Treeto honor their accomplishments, signify their involvement in a group, or memorialize their profession.

The number of available labels is pretty limited at this point, but it will grow. In the meantime, use the new label feature to explore Family Tree in new and interesting ways.

Here’s how you can add labels to your ancestor’s person page and use them to browse the Family Tree.