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DNA Detectives Can Help Track Down The Family You Never Knew You’d Lost

Go on the case with a genetic gumshoe who reunites birth mothers with their long-adopted children


IT WAS NO SECRET THAT STEVE PARK WAS ADOPTED. He couldn’t remember a time when he didn’t know the whole story, which started in 1946 when his adopted parents took him in. Merril and Arthur Park—a big-time Hollywood agent who at one time repped Ronald Reagan—raised him in Brentwood; his sister was presented at cotillion. “It was a formal household,” he recalls. “You had to be properly dressed to go to dinner.”  Park’s mother had always told him and his sister, “You kids don’t know how lucky how you were, you were hand-picked.” He liked to imagine someone going to the grocery store and squeezing the melons, choosing just the right ones.