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Connecting Past and Present

by Linda Kracht


My mindset made it easy for me to avoid entertaining any thoughts of looking through old family trees or old ancient photos we had recently inherited. Both projects would get my hands way too dirty due to ages-old accumulation of dust, dirt and other grime! The material wasn’t stored very well; the photos weren’t labeled. I resented the fact that we were stuck with storing or deliberating about several very large boxes of who knows who and what! What to do with them? Throw them out? Frame a few images even if we didn’t who they were? Store them in our garage to gather more dust? Get better storage.

And then along came a genealogist from the Boston area who was interested in helping us figure out our family tree. When he was finished the project, he wrote: “Your ancestry is very interesting. In fact; the results are like winning the lottery — an ancestry lottery! You guys hit the jackpot.” 

I love knowing my ancestral roots; I also love telling others about them. 

How did this occur, and what was the story of the old sampler that she received?  


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