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Connect to Your Ancestors with Traditional Finnish Food


If you have Finnish heritage, a fun way to understand Finnish culture is to cook some foods from your homeland.

Cuisine from Finland is what many consider to be comfort food—casual, simple, and delicious. Traditional Finnish food features a broad range of ingredients, from fish and meat to mushroom and berries. Ever tried reindeer? In Finland, it is a meat staple. A variety of rye breads and the use of rye flour are also popular and delicious.

Traditional Finnish Foods


 Karjalan piirakke (Karelain pie) is a well-known and well-loved Finnish food. It is a pie of sorts made with rye flour and stuffed with potatoes, rice, or carrots. 

Finnish Meats and Cheeses

Finnish squeaky cheese is a delicacy loved by the people of Finland and is best served with lingonberry or your favorite jam. Salmon is served in many ways in Finland, but salmon pie is one of the most common.

Finnish Desserts

Finnish pancakes are used mostly for dessert rather than for breakfast. Mustikkapiirakka, or Finnish blueberry pie, is popular because of the abundance of blueberries in Finland and also because it is delicious.