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Confronting the Changes in the FamilySearch Family Tree



Rumblings and mumblings continue about changes being made to the FamilySearch.org Family Tree. Changes in the Family Tree are inevitable. That is exactly what it is designed to do. Changes are a sign that the Family Tree is healthy and growing as it should. I continue to write about the Family Tree because that is what I work with and support now nearly every day of my life. Ever since its introduction, the FamilySearch.org Family Tree has been the source of continued misunderstanding and, in some cases, antagonism over the issue of other users of the program making changes.

If you spend any time at all working on the Family Tree, you will begin to see entries change. I will, once again, discuss both the reasons for these changes and how the effects of the ability to make changes can be minimalized. The ability of the Family Tree to change is essential to its purpose and survival.