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September 2019

Searchable Names in Historical Records 7.21 Billion
Digital images published in FamilySearch's Historic Collections online 1.4 Billion
Digital Images published only in the FamilySearch Catalog online 1.72 Billion
Indexed records published: 3 year rolling average 296.9 Million
Number of searchable historic record collections online 2,605 Collections
Number of searchable records 4.84 Billion
Number of digital books 453k
Number of family history centers 5,183
Number of digital cameras in operation 303
Visits per day 460.5k
Pages viewed per day 6.57 Million
Online indexing volunteers 1.3 Million
Registered FamilySearch users 13.7  Million
Family Tree contributors 5.17 Million
Photos  32.3 Million
Stories  2.3 Million
Family Documents 6.3 Million
Audio Files 226K
Sources in the Family Tree 1.3 Billion
People in the Family Tree 1.21 Billion