14:01 PM

Community Trees: A Reliable Resource for Genealogy Breakthroughs


Are you looking for ancestors and bumping up against brick walls? If you are fresh out of leads, consider taking a look at the Community Trees projects on FamilySearch.

Community trees projects on FamilySearch are lineage linked or partial family trees based on reliable record sources. A single project may have numerous trees for one geographic locality. Depending on the scope, a project might include people in a small village, an entire parish, a region, or a whole country. The project source could be a specific collection of records in possession of a historical society or genealogical organization spanning a few or many years.

Because community trees include source citations, they are generally high-quality collections that have less duplication and fewer errors than other projects. Community trees are a wonderful resource often underutilized by FamilySearch patrons.

Database managers have developed ways to convert datasets in earlier, incompatible formats into the GEDCOM format, which integrates with the present view of community trees and is a standard for genealogical information exchange. Additionally, FamilySearch periodically refreshes a whole database for a project to add more records as research makes more data available.

Behind-the-scenes efforts are making a difference at FamilySearch. Research specialists working on the various projects around the world are paving the way for you to find your ancestors more quickly and easily.

Next time you visit FamilySearch.org, use Search and then select Genealogies from the menu, or browse the community trees list in the wiki to discover new leads and missing links for your ancestors.