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Coco movie reminds us what is truly important – family – past, present and future


Last night I sat surrounded by my family, feeling happy, loved and spiritually moved. Happy tears may or may not have been streaming down my cheeks, my husband’s and pretty much everyone in my family.I was in an extra good mood, because along with my family came a huge tub of hot, buttered popcorn and coke with lime. I was at the movies. The movie was Coco. 

I don’t usually review movies, but I must say, go see the Coco movie and take someone you love, preferably someone from your family. I knew the movie was based on a young boy and finding out about his ancestors but I didn’t know the layers of truth that would be uncovered in the two hours I watched. They were truths I’ve always known and believed, but there’s something about a story being told through the eyes of a young child that captures you and makes it feel all the more strong.

There were a few beautiful take-aways from this movie that make it a must-see for all families.

My Grandma and Grandpa Jackson. My daughter Eliza Mae is named after my Grandma, Shirley Mae.

We naturally connect with our ancestors

In the movie the young boy, Miguel, is trying to figure out how he fits into his family. He has a deep love for music, but because of things that happened in his family’s history, music is banned from the family. But he can’t resist it and sneaks off to listen, play and enjoy music. Through a series of mishaps, he discovers that his great-grandfather was a famed musical talent, revered by many. The movie focuses around Día de Muertos, the Day of the Dead, and his families great traditions surrounding the special day. Miguel ends up a ghost on the other side with the dead and in the process discovers much about his ancestors and himself. 

This movie had my heart from the beginning as I watched this boy try to find a way to connect with his family somehow when he felt he didn’t fit in. His family had a bond that he wanted to respect even though it was difficult for him. I think this is an innate quality we all share and the reason why we work so hard to find our ancestors. I know this is true for many members of my family. And the amazing thing is, almost always we find someone either just one generation back, or several, that we have a common talent, common interest or just way of doing things where we mirror them.