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Can you read your own handwriting? Resources for the challenged



When I was in grade school (grammar school) I got a particularly bad grade with comments on my handwriting. Because of this incentive, I worked on improving my handwriting until it was fairly legible. Many years later, when I was practicing law with my father, we had a constant issue with his handwriting. He wrote out all his pleadings and letters by hand, but his handwriting was so poor that it took group consultation with our legal assistants to decipher the documents. Later, because of my background in linguistics and my years of trying to read old documents in my genealogical research, my interest in handwriting both old and new, increased considerably. 

I have written about the need for cursive handwriting skills a few times in the past. But my recent experiences in working with people involved in developing handwriting recognition software for computers has provided an even greater incentive to address this issue.