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BYUtv’s Race to Find Your Relatives



After a successful first season and winning a Best New Series award, BYUtv’s original reality series Relative Race is returning for Season 2 beginning Sunday, March 5, 2017, at 6pm MST.

Relative Race is what happens when reality television meets genealogy—it’s an engaging competition show with a positive, family focused spin. Provided with nothing but a paper map, a rental car, and an old-fashioned flip phone, each couple receives daily instructions via text message to complete unpredictable challenges that provide clues about who their relative is and where they live. The catch is that GPS and Internet are forbidden! The innovative technology of AncestryDNA matches each couple with ten relatives over the course of the race. Cameras follow the couples’ respective journeys, capturing authentic, unscripted moments. Each night, the team that takes the most time to compete their challenges and find their relative receives a strike. If a couple receives three strikes, they are eliminated from the race. At the end of the race, the winning team walks away with a cash prize.