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BYU Techology Makes Family History Online More Interactive


Expansive family history libraries and events like RootsTech are some of the many attractions that bring family history enthusiasts to Utah. However, enthusiasts all over the world can engage in family history in unique and creative ways through online services like those offered through the BYU Family History Technology Lab.

Below are five of the most popular games, apps or tools included in the BYU Family History Technology Lab.

  • Relative Finder: Relative Finder allows people to find out who they are related to by comparing family tree information. Relative Finder now has the capacity to find relations to authors, poets, LDS prophets, travelers on the Mayflower and European royalty. Created in 1997, Relative Finder now has over 900,000 users searching to make connections.
  • Virtual Pedigree: Virtual Pedigree permits users to interact with their pedigree tree by clicking and dragging with their mouse on the fluid interface. This research application also now has the capacity to give hints on family names with temple ordinances available.
  • Geneopardy: This interactive, multiplayer game allows families to learn fun facts about their ancestors like birth year, family relations and countries of origin. Users can choose how many generations they would like to include in the 25-squared, “Jeopardy!”-style board.
  • Record Quest: The Record Quest video game was designed to teach young adults and children about the process of doing family history and how to explore records to find information. The objective of the game is to prove family ties to a rich man who has left his inheritance to his closest relative.
  • Ancestor Games: Ancestor Games generates crossword puzzles, word searches, coloring pages and matching games.